Metro Entrances
The Abbesses station is one of the few Art Nouveau
stations which still has its glass canopy at the entrance,
and is one of the only two metro entrances designed by Hector Guimard, who was responsible for all the Art
Nouveau metro stations in Paris. The abbesses was inaugurated in 1912.

The other surviving Guimard-designed Art Nouveau station
 is Porte Dauphine, and this one was inaugurated in 1900

Amazing doorways
We came across this wonderful door and the building it is the entrance to. I have now found out it is 29 Avenue Rapp, 7th arrondissement. It was designed by Jules Lavirotte (1864-1928)
Apparently he is known for his elaborate iron balconies and doors and his reliefs of flowers, fruit and animals. You can also tell a Lavirotte building because he signs his name and date into the stone in a very obvious place.
He designed many other buildings.