Sources of Inspiration

  • Hector Guimar 1867 - 1942 - He was responsible for many of the wonderful places in Paris. He was responsible for designing all the metro entrances in Paris.
  • Hundertwasser -  we visited some of his work in Vienna. He had many interesting ideas - such as the outer walls of his buildings should not be perfectly smooth like laminated wood, but natural, subtly humpy, smeared with one’s hand or covered with mosaics and ornaments. The steps should vary in height and breadth and be made of different materials. Wild vine, ivy and trees have to be included in the construction plan right from the beginning. The trees have to be planted even before or at the moment of the laying of the cornerstone.
  • Jules Laviotte 1864-1928 - He was the first to cover the facades of his buildings with large sandstone panels. He designed the amazing
    29 Avenue Rapp which can be seen in my Paris page.